Fluffy Friday – Fashionista

The letters after my name grant me a small selection of inferior superpowers. Cheaper car insurance. Better tables at restaurants. And the ability to go to very important meetings dressed quite casually. In the land of animal behaviour and welfare, we don’t really do suits. This week I met the Read more…

The Selfie Cancer

Have you taken your make-up free selfie yet? Or are you rolling your eyes at the very thought? The split between the two camps is pretty much 50:50 on my Facebook wall. Let me start with this. I am terrified of cancer. There are few diseases that frighten me. As Read more…

Farewell, Madiba

It is with great sadness that we mourn Nelson Mandela today. He was a great man, very brave, very strong. We must care about our fellows before we can claim to care for the animals we share our planet with.