Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the web! My name is Jilly, and I am a researcher in veterinary education at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Sciences. Prior to that, I was an ethologist who worked in animal welfare science.

My science is interdisciplinary by nature. I’m interested mainly in how we try to measure the world around us, and so I use qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. I have three main interests: veterinary education research; digital education; and human-animal interactions, but I’ve been known to hold an opinion on most things.

The original Fluffy Sciences blog came from a common indictment of the science of ethology. Ethologists, and animal welfare science in particular, are often though of as the ‘fluffy’ scientists who spend a lot of time cuddling bunnies. As I’ve progressed through my own academic journey, I’ve come to believe that all science can benefit from a bit of fluff.

I find the complexity of ‘soft’ science fascinating. With this blog I want to help people learn about the great advances we can make considering the underlying feelings that drive the behaviour of human and non-human animals, and to help everyone embrace the wide range of methodologies that are available to us.


All opinions are my own and not necessary the opinions of my colleagues or institutes I have been associated with.



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