Captured in Time

Some students have suffered immensely this year, their mental health declining, their performance suffering, and experiencing a year of hell. And yet some students are loving the new-found freedom and flexibility hybrid learning has offered them, their mental health has massive improved, they’re doing better in their assessments, and they never want to go back.

Gie Us a Grant?

I’ve just submitted a little grant proposal! (Everyone go ‘woo!’) One of the things I talked about in the grant proposal was my outreach activities. I like to think of my science as quite transparent. But I am definitely less good at talking about the grant writing part of science. Read more…

All Scientists Are Awesome

There are weeks in science when even your successes feel like a failure. That is, if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky there will be months of it. The criticisms will stretch out before you and though they may be paired with encouragements, you’ll only see the words: “We’re sorry to Read more…

Academia, Love Me Back

If you’re a lecturer and you think your student has plagiarised something the way to deal with it is: 1) Put the work through a plagiarism checking service, e.g. TurnItIn, which is capable of recognising sequences other than words 2) If TurnItIn flags the work up as plagiarised check – Read more…


Reblogging this older post after the recent outcry about conservation ‘sampling’ and the moustached Kingfisher (Guardian article)     Source: Value