Badger Friday! Shelter Part Two

I have a host of goodies for you this Fluffy Friday Badger Friday. We have another Behind the Scenes blog post in our MOOC – remember to sign up for free here! The Animal Welfare Hub has a new app … Continue reading “Badger Friday! Shelter Part Two”

Fluffy Friday – behind the scenes

The marking and MOOC preparations continue this week. On my morning run I came up with (what I think) is a great idea for one of our MOOC’s interactive sessions. Check out the preview below as I started working out the … Continue reading “Fluffy Friday – behind the scenes”

Do You Want to See a Magic Trick?

Do you want to see a magic trick? As part of our Animal Welfare Indicators project I’m creating an online learning object which describes an experiment testing whether or not goats know an object is there when they can’t see … Continue reading “Do You Want to See a Magic Trick?”

The Anthropomorphism High Horse

I rarely read a piece of scientific journalism and think “what absolute tosh”, in part because I tend not to use the word ‘tosh’ and in part because I know that science journalism involves digesting and reconfirming a complex idea. … Continue reading “The Anthropomorphism High Horse”

FluffyFriday – WolfQuest Part Four!

Oh Fluffy – it’s been such an epic quest, I am almost sad to see it at an end. Warning, some images may be distressing for anyone who got overly attached to Fluffy and her little family.   So overall, … Continue reading “FluffyFriday – WolfQuest Part Four!”

FluffyFriday – WolfQuest Part Three!

FluffyFriday returns! And this time I have actually queued up a few posts so hopefully FluffyFriday will become a regular occurrence. Today I present you the third act in the epic saga of Fluffy and Diet Coke. It’s a nailbiting … Continue reading “FluffyFriday – WolfQuest Part Three!”

Fluffy Friday – WolfQuest Part Two

Welcome to FluffyScience’s ‘Fluffy Friday’! This will be a semi-regular slot on the blog reserved for silly pieces such as talking about educational gaming, personal stories, etc. I figure that by having a regular slot for it, we can keep … Continue reading “Fluffy Friday – WolfQuest Part Two”

Learning About Pain in Animals

Today the AWIN project released five online learning objects on their Animal Welfare Hub. I have to confess an ulterior motive to sharing these: I had a hand in creating them. The Animal Welfare Hub requires registration, but it’s free … Continue reading “Learning About Pain in Animals”