Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting

This week’s horrible animal welfare story comes courtesy of a certain American dentist, yes we’re talking about the trophy killing of Cecil the lion. I won’t name the gentleman (the Guardian has no such qualms), but according to the Zimbabwe … Continue reading “Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting”

Fluffy Friday – Peer Review Rings and MOOCs

You’ll have to forgive the lack of original content in this week’s Fluffy Friday (and lack of content entirely in last week’s). The MOOC launches on Monday at 11 AM and this week has been spent polishing the course and obsessing … Continue reading “Fluffy Friday – Peer Review Rings and MOOCs”

Badger Fortnight – The Solution?

But Jill, a fortnight is two weeks not three. Shut up, that’s what.   This week I want to discuss two main studies – the first by Torgerson and Torgerson (2010) and the second a 2008 in the Veterinary Record. … Continue reading “Badger Fortnight – The Solution?”