The Five Freedoms at Fifty – Part Two

Here at SRUC we’re having our Animal Welfare Day celebrating the Five Freedoms at Fifty – a packed day full of talks, demonstrations and a panel discussion. You can watch the talks on our live stream: here! And you can … Continue reading “The Five Freedoms at Fifty – Part Two”

Chronicles of Athena – 40 Weeks

This week a man came into the house and played about with Athena’s favourite window. He even stood on her beautiful window sill with his boots on. I am sure you can imagine just how upset she was by the … Continue reading “Chronicles of Athena – 40 Weeks”

Get a Man To Help You!

This post was going to be an introduction to another blog run by a fellow knowledge transfer enthusiast,  Cultured Primate, but I got completely sidetracked by the last thing Lewis retweeted (but do check him out, he’s awesome): Reviewer’s conclusion: we should … Continue reading “Get a Man To Help You!”

Do You Want to See a Magic Trick?

Do you want to see a magic trick? As part of our Animal Welfare Indicators project I’m creating an online learning object which describes an experiment testing whether or not goats know an object is there when they can’t see … Continue reading “Do You Want to See a Magic Trick?”

The Anthropomorphism High Horse

I rarely read a piece of scientific journalism and think “what absolute tosh”, in part because I tend not to use the word ‘tosh’ and in part because I know that science journalism involves digesting and reconfirming a complex idea. … Continue reading “The Anthropomorphism High Horse”