Being LGBT In The Field

The always funny and amazing Evopropinquitous has written an amazing post on what it’s like to be gay and working as an academic in the field. A must read for everyone. My own negligible contribution comes from a field … Continue reading “Being LGBT In The Field”

Ethical Eating Month – Cheesecake . . . wait?

Why no Ethical Eating post this week? Well we had our exam board for the MSc and so it’s been crazy busy. Instead, let me offer you my Cranachan Cheesecake recipe as an apology. Cranachan is an old Scottish dessert, … Continue reading “Ethical Eating Month – Cheesecake . . . wait?”

Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting

This week’s horrible animal welfare story comes courtesy of a certain American dentist, yes we’re talking about the trophy killing of Cecil the lion. I won’t name the gentleman (the Guardian has no such qualms), but according to the Zimbabwe … Continue reading “Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting”