Fluffy Friday – More Animal Welfare Teaching

I am on annual leave this week, which is glorious, particularly as there are so many developments in the pipeline at work. Lots of exciting things coming up. Look out for MOOC news coming soon, as well as some news … Continue reading “Fluffy Friday – More Animal Welfare Teaching”

Chronicles of Athena – Fifty One Weeks

Let me tell you the story of Athena and the big storm. You see, on Wednesday night we had a big storm. The storm went on for hours, lots of bright, flashing lightning (Theenie loves lightning she has discovered), followed … Continue reading “Chronicles of Athena – Fifty One Weeks”

Fluffy Friday – This is How Girl Scientists Talk

I love group messages. Me and some of the other female scientists I work with have a longrunning chat going on about general life. It’s mostly talk about Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black because women. But our … Continue reading “Fluffy Friday – This is How Girl Scientists Talk”