I have a book! If you enjoy reading this site, you might find the book just as enjoyable, if not even more.

You can purchase Animal Personality from 5M Publishers here. 

Or from Blackwell’s …

Or from Amazon …

Or from Waterstones!


What’s this book then?

Animal Personality: The Science Behind Individual Variation is a popular science book (think John Bradshaw’s ‘Cat Sense/Dog Sense’ series, or Mary Roach’s very enjoyable books) about our animal friends. How do we know they are individuals, and how can we measure that difference? What does ‘personality’ actually mean?

When I was invited to write a book by 5M publishers, I was keen not to write a textbook, but it still covers a lot of fundamental scientific principles. Just in an amusing, and accessible way.

Will it tell me how to help Fido?

Animal personality is a study of evolution, as much as it is a study of individuals. While the book will certainly help you understand Fido (and his friends) a bit better, it’s not going to help with any chronic behavioural problems. But your vet will be happy to help!

I think my library should get a copy!

Please request that they do! If you want some help send me a tweet or get in touch with me. You can find my contact details by searching my name at www.ed.ac.uk.

Aren’t you making money off this?

Yes. I need to keep Athena in toys somehow.

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Tamsin · July 5, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Loved the book! Fascinating subject and very enjoyable read.

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